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Javad Sobhani Master of Hydraulic Tools

Hydraulic pump testing, repair and sale of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic hydraulic motors and hydraulic jacks by Javad Sobhani, master of hydraulic tools
Master in repairing Komatsu loaders, Komatsu excavators and…

جواد سبحانی

Resume of Javad Sobhani, CEO of Abadgaran Negin Mining Company:

Mr. Javad Sobhani in 2002 for the first time as the first person to repair Denison piston pumps with different sizes and with 95% quality of standard pumps and hydraulic systems.

In 1990, it entered the hydraulic repairs of various mining, drilling, offshore, road construction and agricultural machinery. He has completed five years of full training in all executive courses and since 1379 has been engaged in activities and hydraulic services for various employers, some of which are briefly introduced as follows.

1- Sanandaj 28th Division Area of ​​activity: hydraulic repairs of all types of excavators, loaders, bulldozers ……..

2- Qazvin Road and Transportation Administration Area of ​​activity: Repairs of Qaltak, hydraulic loader, bulldozer, drill wagon, etc.

3- Water and sewage with the help of Ardabil Municipality Area of ​​activity: repair and drilling of water wells and …

4- Yazd Water City Company Area of ​​activity: Repairs of all types of DM lovers45 drilling rigs and overhaul of T4w drilling rig and its complete overhaul with 6-month supervision and warranty and its complete delivery to the employer

5- Sadaf Zarrin Company Area of ​​activity: Repairs of all types of mining equipment for livestock trucks and barges, etc.

6- Chador Melo Company Area of ​​activity: Launching Sharam and DM 45 devices

7- Birch asphalt Field of activity: Setting up shooling and birch maser machines and …

8- Olang Company since 1995 regarding the repair of drilling systems for loaders, bulldozers, graders, shawls, track and track truck systems and …

9- Iran Copper Industries Company in 2002 Field of activity: Repairs of hydraulic devices, DMH drills and overhaul in 2014

10- Aria Naran Company located in Sarcheshmeh Copper in 2012. Field of activity: Launching three drilling machines of 45 Dm, from zero to one hundred, which was done by Mr. Javad Sobhani, and this project is still ongoing in terms of bilateral cooperation.

11- Hydraulic mesh company was repaired, commissioned and delivered to the employer in 2010 in the section of control valve crusher and lattice handle.

12- Mobin Company, whose field of activity is Mr. Javad Sobhani, with this company in the discussion of repairing and selling dump truck parts of 135 tons, etc.

13- Tehran Copper Innovators Company Field of activity: Launching the hydraulic system of 135 ton dump truck that was destroyed due to fire and rebuilding the hydraulic system of Komatsu A900 loader and launching Hyundai 500 excavator and supplying hydraulic parts ….

14- Angoran lead and zinc mine Field of activity: Maintenance in drum wagon machines of Dm 45, which has been done at a very low cost of about 11 to 12 thousand meters with a diameter of six and a half per month. Available documented documents is.

15- Golgohar Company in 1996 Field of activity: Launching o & k miner one grader and continuing cooperation after that

16- Central Iron Ore Company located in Yazd: Area of ​​operation: Setting up existing devices

17- Seh Chahun mine: Area of ​​activity: from 2001 to 2004 in equipping the workshop and setting up machines with Sadaf Zarrin company

18- Mr. Javad Sobhani has also worked and cooperated with the Offshore Company regarding the repair of cranes located in oil rigs, etc.

19- In 2004, Mr. Javad Sobhani was invited to cooperate in launching the winch of the ships of the Shipping Company of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Other activities of Mr. Javad Sobhani Repair and commissioning of drilling and mining equipment for two years from 10/02/87 to 12/04/89 in Turkey and the aluminum mine and passing training courses on commissioning and defect Find.

Regarding the start of cooperation with esteemed employers:

The orders are first dismantled and inspected by the relevant expert, and if possible, including repairs and reconstruction, etc., a pre-invoice is issued, and after the work is done, even if needed, an expert and a skilled force will be sent to the project site. .

Abadgaran Mine Negin Co.

Starting our company since 1990. Which began in the field of hydraulic repairs, mining machines, drilling, road construction, agriculture and offshore.

Neghin Mining Co., Ltd was registered under number 16854, which according to the charter of its main activity is related to the provision of parts, consulting, repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment for road construction, agriculture, mining, marine, etc.

In 1998, entering professional activities in the topics of the world’s newest pumps, including repair and overhaul of the T4 drill, Sarcheshmeh copper industry, Olang Company, Golghahr mine Sirjan, Chadormalou mine, Yazd, Bafq Central Iron & Steel Company Yazd, Ariyaran Activity Co. Expanded herself.

Our specialty:

Repair and commissioning of hydraulic pumps for loaders, bulldozers, drilling rigs, hydraulic pumps, Komatsu, Caterpillar, and installation and troubleshooting of hydraulic systems, blaster dump trucks, dispatching hydraulic repairers to the customer’s preferred location, dispatching the hydro motor engineer upon request Customer .


Vendor of Hydraulic Products: Hydraulic Piston, Hydromotor and Hydraulic Pump

Dealer of Mining Drilling Supplies: Includes Drill, Crimping, Hydraulic Parts, Troubleshooting and On-site Setup.

The company is able to provide the following services in the shortest possible time and in the best possible way:

  1. Supply of original spare parts in the shortest time.
  2. Repair and maintenance of heavy machinery, road construction, agriculture, mining, marine … .
  3. Training and supervision of personnel and holding training classes (hydraulic, forging and chassis, operator).
  4. Technical advice to increase machine efficiency and reduce costs.
  5. The mechanics and expert dispatch to the project site on a mobile basis.

Part of the company's activities over the next 20 years are as follows:

Co-operation description
Employer collaboration period
Providing consulting and technical services
Qazvin Abyek Cement Company
From 1357 to now
Maintenance of machinery, supply of parts, repairs and dispatch of mechanical mechanics (on the site of copper sources)
Olang Mining Co.
From 1357 to now
Technical maintenance and repair of hydraulic equipment
Central Soil and Soil Company
From 1375 to 1381
Repair of drilling and service machines
Asfalt Toos Company, Chador Malu Mine
From 1378 to 1385
Providing consulting and technical services
Shahdab Yazd Co.
From 1378 to 1386
Providing consulting and technical services, maintenance of hydraulic system and machinery
Road and Transportation Administration of Qazvin province
From 1379 to 1385
Repair and maintenance of incrustation and compressor equipment, Supply of spare parts
Ariyaran Co.
From 1379 to now
Services of a truck crane
Multipurpose Multipurpose Port of Anzali
From 1379 to 1384
Trunk Launch (Zabol)
Iran Company Co.
Technical and Hydraulic Services
Flute glass industrial group
From 1380 to now
T4W drilling rigs from zero to one hundred, technical services on mineral machinery, spare parts for machinery
Iran Copper Industries Co.
From 1383 to now

Mining services and sales and repair of mining drilling equipment and mining drilling machines of our company:

Preparation and maintenance of all types of loading devices (shovel, excavator and carrier, various types of trucks (dump trucks and trucks) throughout our beloved homeland by Abadgaran Negin Madan Company with the management of Javad Sobhani, a master of hydraulics can be provided.

The company specializes in setting up and servicing drilling machinery, mining drilling equipment, stone processing machinery, sand machinery, road construction and industrial machinery, repair and installation of various cnc machinery, spare drilling machinery, supply of drilling equipment , Supply and import of mining equipment and…

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