شیر هیدرولیک


Services related to mining and sale and repair of mining drilling equipment and mining drilling machinery are performed by Abadgaran Mahden Negin Company under the management of Javad Sobhani, an experienced hydraulic and hydraulic master who specializes in repairing hydraulics and other hydraulic devices.
In general, a mine refers to a place that has a variety of metals and rocks with high economic value and is divided into two categories of surface mines and underground mines. Our dear country Iran is one of the most important owners of mines in the world. Coal, metal ores, sand, chemical minerals and salt mines are the most important mines in Iran. Mines play a crucial role in industrial self-sufficiency, creating productive employment and increasing a country’s GDP and per capita income. Especially in the current situation where the country is struggling with serious sanctions, investing in the mining sector can be very serious and strategic in the country’s economic growth.

After the exploration of the mine, in order to extract minerals, it requires the cooperation of engineers and specialists in engineering fields such as civil engineering, mechanics, electricity, chemistry and geology.

Mineral services include all services related to mineral exploration and extraction, design, construction, equipment and operation of mineral processing plants, etc.

Preparation and maintenance of all types of loading devices (shovel, excavator and carrier, various types of trucks (dump trucks and trucks) throughout our beloved homeland can be provided by Abadgaran Negin Ma’dan Company.

Abadgaran Negin Mining Company specializing in setting up and servicing drilling machinery, mining drilling equipment, stone processing machinery, sand machinery, road construction and industrial machinery, repair and installation of various cnc machines, spare drilling machinery, supply Drilling equipment, supply and import of mining equipment and …

The performance of mining machinery is directly related to the reliability of the equipment used, operating environment, maintenance quality, operational process, technical expertise of miners, etc. In this regard, preventive and predictive repairs and replacements are recommended as the most effective solution for optimal performance and health of mining equipment and tools. Because it reduces the costs of saving, not damaging the machines, and prevents the drop or downtime of the lines.

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