Pictures of Javad Sobhani doing the project and …

Javad Sobhani

Pictures of Javad Sobhani doing the project and …

Images of Javad Sobhani carrying out various projects for repairing and launching heavy drilling and mining machinery, road construction, etc.

Javad Sobhani has completed five years of complete training in all executive courses and training courses on commissioning and troubleshooting, and since 2000 has been engaged in activities and hydraulic services for various employers.

Repair of winch drive of Sarcheshmeh copper factory in Kerman

Assembling Zarand Kerman steel hydraulic pump

Javad Sobhani

Javad Sobhani repairing a hydraulic pump

Service and commissioning of Saul Treks

جواد سبحانی سرویس و راه اندازی شاول ترکس RH120

65 ton blade dump truck service

D8N bulldozer control valve repair

جواد سبحانی در حال تعمیر شیر کنترل بلدوزر D8N

Komatsu loader repair

جواد سبحانی در حال تعمیر لودر کوماتسو

The following is a part of Javad Sobhani’s activities:

  • Hydraulic repairs of excavators, loaders, bulldozers
  • Repairs of pulleys, hydraulic loaders, bulldozers, drills
  • Water well repair and drilling
  • Launching winch ships of the Shipping Company of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Repairs of all types of mining equipment for livestock trucks and barges
  • Setting up Sharam and DM 45 devices
  • Setting up Schooling and birch massifers
  • Repair of drilling systems for loaders, bulldozers, graders, shawls, track truck systems and pillar cutters
  • Repairs of hydraulic devices, DMH drills and overhaul
  • Repair of cranes located on oil rigs
  • Repairs and commissioning of drilling and mining equipment for two years from 10/02/87 to 12/04/89 in Turkey

All repairs and measures will be delivered to the customer with a guarantee. Mr. Javad Sobhani with more than 30 years of brilliant experience in the field of hydraulics and hydraulic repairs, if necessary, will personally visit, inspect and troubleshoot in the shortest possible time.

For more information about him and how to cooperate and sign a contract to carry out construction and commissioning projects or service and repairs, be sure to visit the contents of Javad Sobhani’s biography page.

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