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Abadgaran Negin Madan Company started its activity in 1990 in the field of hydraulic repairs, mineral drilling equipment, drilling, road construction, agriculture and marine and dispatching hydraulic repairman and hydraulic seller, etc. by Engineer Javad Sobhani, CEO of this complex.

With the expansion of its activity in the field of selling mining drilling equipment and Sun cartridges, it presented wider dimensions in the field of hydraulics to the market.

Dispatch of hydraulic repair work on site and seller of hydraulic and mining drilling equipment, including drills, heads, etc. Repair of hydraulic work, dump truck blaz and also sale of Sun cartridges are among the services provided by the company. Due to the importance of the amount of pressure in the hydraulic circuit and its direct relationship with the output power, it requires precise control of the oil pressure to achieve the desired output power and force while protecting its implementation, including hydraulic pump, etc. against unauthorized stresses. We are under pressure.

Sun Company has divided its manufacturing cartridge valves into four parts, each of which has specific applications in the hydraulic circuit. Sun cartridge production pressure control cartridge valves are divided into:

1) Sun sequential bullet valve

2) Sun cartridge pressure relief / release valve

3) Sun cartridge pressure reducing valve

4) Sun cartridge breaker valve or hydraulic valve cartridge safety valve.

Sun cartridge is one of the products available by Abadgaran Negin Madan Company.

Offering a variety of series of cartridges made in the United States with unique quality, high efficiency and long life, excellent variety in different sizes and dimensions required by users in the production of this valve, the latest technology in the world has been seen in its production line. Its durability and longevity spoke to all consumers.

Sun cartridge series is a compact design for complex, highly secure and accurate systems.

You can buy or consult about Sun cartridge, mining drilling equipment, hydromotor repairman, hydraulic repairman, dump truck blaz by phone: 02166398417 and telex: 02166398427 and mobile number: 09121223128 –09361223128 24 hours a day.

Offering Sun cartridge and dump truck blaz products is also one of the fields of activity of Abadgaran Negin Mining Company. Hydraulics, hydraulic accessories, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic components, hydraulic piston pump, high pressure radial hydraulic piston pump, cartridge hydraulic pump, pneumatic valve, hydraulic valves, hydraulic cylinders, other hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic cylinders Abadgaran Company is the jewel of the mine.

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Just contact us and ask for advice so that we can guide you with the Sun cartridge and the originality and originality of the material you need. You know the value of these designed valves in the type of design of the internal mechanism without leakage. Optimal performance power in working conditions and fully professional and complex performance in delicate and special systems are its advantages.