پمپ هیدرولیک


Industrial tools, by increasing the accuracy of human beings in doing things and accelerating matters, created a very dramatic change in the field of industrial and agricultural services, and so on.

Javad Sobhani Master of Hydraulics and Hydraulics Experienced and specialized work in the field of hydraulic repair and other hydraulic tools, specialized repairs of various industrial tools in reputable brands in the shortest time and with original and guaranteed parts, specialized repairs and reconstruction of all Volvo road construction machinery, Caterpillar, Komatsu and …

In general, industrial tools are classified into three groups in terms of propulsion:

  • Electric industrial tools: These tools are used in factories and projects that require a lot of manpower if done manually and are actually a substitute for manpower. Such as: air compressor, cordless drill, electric milling machine, welding machine, etc.
  • Gasoline industrial tools: These tools are effective in places where there is no access to electricity and are considered heavy tools. Such as: generator, gasoline demolition hammer, gasoline chainsaw, etc.
  • Industrial pneumatic tools: These tools work with wind pressure and are used in most factories due to their low depreciation and many excellent features. Such as: pneumatic nail, pneumatic polisher, pneumatic rattle and …

Among the activities of the Neghin Mining Company are the implementation of the construction of hydraulic systems, unit types, hydraulic jacks, hydraulic valves, installation of a hydraulic system for machinery and production lines, overhaul and replacement of standard hydraulic systems instead of systems and Also, troubleshooting, troubleshooting and repairing the hydraulic system and industrial machinery.

Also, the services of supplying hydraulic components, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic jacks, hydromotors, hydraulic control valves and … are also other services of the Negeen mining company.




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