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What is hydraulic?

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Hydraulics in English say that they use compressed fluids for use in a variety of ways.

Hydraulic systems are fluid energy systems that are used for energy transfer.

Hydraulic advantages over other mechanical or electrical energy transfer methods are the ability to increase power during transmission and to quickly shift direction.

Since the hydraulic transmission of energy is carried out with the help of a hydraulic fluid and the fluids are generally ductile and can be traversed from arbitrary paths, this is the definition of the hydraulic word and the concept of hydraulics in science and physics. .

Hydraulic engineering is one of the subcategories of civil engineering that deals with the design, installation and construction of facilities such as water supply, hydroelectric power plant, dam, refinery and ….

Hydraulic pump is another hydraulic branch.A device that creates a fluid hydraulic system. The pumps are one of the two main parts of the primary stimulus of hydraulic systems. The hydraulic pump input power is supplied from a motor and delivers hydraulic power as an outlet. In industrial hydraulics, the hydraulic pump pumps under pressure. Hydraulic Type Hydraulic pumps utilize the flow of energy through the kinetic energy of the pump and transfer it to a higher level. Hydraulic pumps are used in hydrodynamic systems, for example, for the transfer of drinking water or irrigation, or the transfer of sewage water or the transfer of cold and hot water to systems for cooling and transferring chemicals, acids and games. Of course, these pumps may be used. It is also used to transport solid materials such as dust, powder and sand.

In industrial hydraulics, the misconception that exists among many people is that the pump in the circuit creates pressures, while contrary to this misconception, the cause of the pressure in the hydraulic system is the resistance to the hydraulic fluid flow and the load applied on the system The pump only creates a fluid flow, and this fluid does not exert any pressure in the absence of the load in the system. The use of industrial hydraulic in the moving system, the stamping of the important parameters of a hydraulic pump, the output or pump of the pump is the volume of fluid In the unit time. The intensity of a pump depends on the pump displacement and the speed of the shaft. Hydraulic pumps are divided into two general types, depending on the type of system in which they are located: positive displacement and inertial displacement. In hydrostatic systems, positive displacement pumps are used. Another type of pump is a blower pump consisting of two major parts of the body and the rotor. The pump blades are located in the slots of the engine and slid radially.

Other types of hydraulic pumps are piston pumps. These pumps use the commonly used cylinder and piston system. In a simple cylinder and piston, the piston moves behind it and sucks it in front of the fluid. Of course, these basic pumps are only used in manual systems. These pumps are the most expensive and most expensive type of hydraulic pumps and can withstand pressure up to 700 times. Another type of pump is a radial hydraulic pump with pistons positioned radially in relation to the shaft, and when the piston shaft is rotated open and closed, the cylinders are out of center and move with the centrifugal force. Return is provided.

A number of hydraulic pumps do not fall into the category of positive and negative displacements because they are basically the basis of a different job. The common feature of all these pumps is that they do not have moving, rotating or reciprocating components. The efficiency of all these pumps is low, but because of their importance, they are being neglected for their low efficiency. The initial cost and maintenance cost of these pumps is also low. Impact Pump, Jet Pump, Injection Pump, Air Pump of all types. In a pumped pump instead of water with a high pressure used in a jet pump, water vapor is used and is applied in the boiler feed. In a jet pump, the efficiency depends on the pressure of the high pressure water, whereby water or gas can be displaced. In air pumps, air is pumped out of a compressor, and air bubbles carry water particles.

What is a steering hydraulic pump?

After the hydraulic mechanism entered the industry cycle, it also had a positive effect on the automotive industry, causing the old steering wheels, which were very hard and dry and caused by driver fatigue, to be phased out and replaced by psycho-hydraulic steering wheels. These aids make it easier to turn the steering wheel with an auxiliary force, and no more force is required from the driver for the steering wheel. This auxiliary power is supplied from a hydraulic source, which is the steering hydraulic pump.

Generally, the hydraulic production, control and power technology are pressurized by the fluid, and a hydraulic system carries out four basic tasks.

1) Conversion of mechanical energy to the pressure of fluid under pressure by pumps

2) Move the fluid to the desired points by pipes and hoses

3) Control the pressure, direction and fluid flow by the valves

4) Performing work by operators

The Pascal Act is the new hydraulic principle. This law states that the pressure applied to any point of a finite liquid is evenly transmitted in all directions and is equally effective on equal surfaces.

Basic Hydraulic Rules Include:

1. The pressurized fluid always chooses a path with less resistance for passage
2.The pump produces no pressure
3. The pressure is caused only by a barrier resistance.

The basic principles above, although simple, are but the foundation of the science of hydraulics. With the right understanding of these rules, it is easy to follow the movement of the fluid in the transmission lines and analyze the performance of the system.

Javad Sobhani Master of Hydraulic Tools

A hydraulic repairman should be familiar with a series of principles and tools related to their work: expertise and skills:

  • Required work tools such as drills, drills and treasury drills, handles and handles, handles and
  • handles, handles and handles, all kinds of screws and pedometers, all kinds of hydraulic pumps and
  • building and the signs of these pumps and…
  • Principles of drilling, treasuring, joining and handling of metal parts
  • Familiarity with pressure and flow pump, relief (pressure adjustment) and pressure limiter
  • Familiarity with shut-off valve and its application
  • Familiarity with the principles of closing the pump circuit and determining the characteristics of P and Q
  • Familiarity with the principles of calculating pressure drop in the hydraulic circuit
  • Understanding hydraulic actuators (linear and rotary)
  • Recognition of high flow and low flow hydraulic pumps, low and high pressure pumps
  • Understanding the types of one-way and two-way cylinders, types of valves and their applications
  • Understanding pressure rules in different stages of working with hydraulic device (static pressure and dynamic pressure)
  • Understanding the structure and function of the flow regulator valve and its location in the circuit
  • Specialization in the principles of sealing the hydraulic system by one-way pilot valve
  • Specializes in speed adjustment in hydraulic and pneumatic valves
  • Specialization in changing the pressure and speed of adjusting the circuit due to the positive and negative load
  • Specializing in the role of throat valve on both sides of the piston or piston rod
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