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Javad Sobhani Master of Hydraulics and Hydraulics Experienced and specialized work in the field of hydraulic repair and other hydraulic tools

Abadgaran Mining Company is a provider of drilling equipment maintenance and maintenance services, as well as technical and sales services and repair of various types of drilling tools, hammer and compressors throughout the country.
What is drilling? Drilling refers to digging the ground to achieve the desired goal, which can be to reach water, oil and gas, etc. Drilling is one of the most complex, expensive, tedious and specialized tasks in the oil industry. Anything we do before drilling is useless if the drilling is not done properly. Since drilling operations require drilling rigs, which are very expensive, so this work is done at high speed by skilled and experienced people. The masts are brought to the site separately and assembled on site.
For drilling in an area, the desired location is determined by geological experts and engineers, and first, various studies should be done, including the study of hydrogeological conditions, drainage network and piling for the foundation, etc., so that the area is suitable for Approve drilling operations. To do this, on-site speculation must be made, which means creating wells in the ground using various drilling tools.

There are two types of activities that can be done while speculating:

1- Digging a borehole and advancing on the ground and infiltrating it in order to achieve a specific goal

2- Sampling of deep earth materials to identify the physical and mechanical properties of soil and rock layers.

To achieve these goals, various drilling rigs and markets are required.

Drilling rigs are generally divided into four groups:

1- Drill drilling machines: include manual drills and mechanical drills.

2- Washing drilling machines: includes drilling tools including drill or drilling blade which is mounted on the drilling rod and through the metal cable to the drilling machine which includes the rig (three or four bases) of the motor, metal cable, pulley and a pumping machine And water injection is connected.

3- Impact drilling rigs: These are simple rigs that are very suitable for water retrieval research. These devices are often used to drill wells inside hard rock. Since the principle of drilling is the impact of crushing rocks, this is done by a drill called a drill.

4- Rotary drilling machines: Drilling tools and equipment are very sensitive and due to their very high price, the necessary care must be taken in its maintenance.

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